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As a leading cabin interior maintenance and support company, Airbase maintains, overhauls and repairs all types of aircraft cabin equipment, including passenger and crew seats, galley and galley equipment.

Cut & Sew

With its own Cut and Sew facilities, Airbase's expertise and experience in the manufacture of all types of seat covers including leather and e leather, fabric, laminated and padded is second to none.  Airbase also manufactures all types of aircraft curtains, and with an onsite autoclave, steam pleated options are a particular specialty. All textile materials used in manufacture by Airbase are tested in our own UKAS approved vertical burn test chamber, ensuring consistent performance of all items delivered.

Prototyping and product development are the foundation of a well-fitting, aesthetically pleasing seat cover. Airbase’s highly skilled and experienced team of pattern makers and machinists are available to create and develop new covers and curtains to match the customer specification.

Airbase regularly produces over 100,000 covers per year for a wide range of airlines and OEMs around the world.

On Wing support / Textile Care

Airbase provides teams of trained cabin finishers to carry out seat cover and curtain changes on the aircraft 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are supported by the dedicated dry cleaning and textile repair services at our Gatwick base.

With 7 dry cleaning machines, and a comprehensive textile repair and finishing capability, Airbase manages the complete in service life cycle of seat covers and curtains, from manufacture through to removal from service and replacement. Airbase also offers a laundry and dry cleaning service for cabin and crew uniforms.

We also offer a full range of capabilities for the production and installation of carpet kits and replacement piece parts for hard wearing areas. The kits are patterned and manufactured using state of the art digital profiling and CNC cutting and overlocking machines.

Seat Engineering

Airbase carries out seat upgrade refurbishment work, maintenance and repairs on passenger and crew seats and galleys and galley equipment. Airbase employs a team of qualified employees to handle this work, both in house and on wing at customers' own facilities.  Engineering and seat maintenance work can vary from the complete overhaul and reinstatement of seats at end of lease, to the implementation of minor MODs and warranty work on behalf of the seat OEM.


Airbase capabilities include: Seat Overhaul & repair, Gallery Insert Repair, Galley Repair & Overhaul, On-wing Cabin Maintenance, Meet & Greet Service, Dry Cleaning, Anti-Microbial Fabric Treatment, Laminated, Leather & Fabric Dress Covers, Curtain Manufacture, Carpet Cutting & Laying, Logistics - Cabin Interiors, Total Supply Chain Management, Programme Management, Total Textile Solutions.

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